Raised in the Land of God

The sun sets, the sun rises, the night begins, the day revives. Day in, day out, we continuously live a life based on a human invention, the 24-hour clock. Earth spins on its axis while around the planet, humans go to work or school. They follow very distinct traditions based on their histories or beliefs.

Though one of the most intriguing and interesting ways of life or cultures is that of the Israeli’s. Since the dawn of time, Jews and the entire Middle east have been constantly and continuously fighting against each other based on religion. The large controversies forced Israel to defend itself from all its surrounding neighbors.



-Photo by shafman 

Though, this nonstop war rose patriotism within Israel and desire to join the military and fight off radical Muslims. Israel adopted an educational system for all schools which obligates Israeli’s from the age 16 and a half, to begin their process of military recruitment.

They begin by sending confidential information about their identity and family. The military then proceeds in giving each student a physical and mental examination.

Once completed, students before the age 17, are obligated to train in a military program known as GADNA. They train for a certain amount of time, varying from 3 days to over 1 week.



-Photo by Somchai Kongkamsri

The most exciting year of a compassionate and patriotic Israel citizen is the year they become 18. Israeli teens go to military bases for around 3 months and begin a much more adept level of training. Instructors teach from how to be more disciplined to shooting from life threating weapons.

Once they complete their 3 months, students enter their final stage and are given a set of military positions to choose from; air force, navy, army, parachute, desks operators, and much more. Based on the choice the Israeli picks, they are obligated to serve at their chosen base and begin another 3 months in learning their specific professions.

6 months after turning 18 years old, they become a true soldier and take part of war. However, the duration of combat varies upon gender and military positions. For males, 3 years is the minimum requirement for any position. On the other hand, for females, 2 years of military combat is required.

My fathers side of our family come from Ashkelon, Israel. They moved to Sarcelles, France in the 1970’s. My aunt, his younger sister, decided to move back to Israel in 1987. She had just turned 17 and entered the GADNA program. Once military positions decisions came, she enrolled herself as a desk lady and found herself taking request from soldiers (during the gulf war in 1990) battling on the field.