Under control

Over the course of history, our planet as we know it, has evolved under the control of human power. We have strived to revolutionize our world by working countless hours in many different areas of interest. The outcome of our efforts not only has helped the “great good” but also ourselves. In most revolutionaized countries, this “payback” or “retrieval” includes some type of prize or currency.

With the bills or coins we possess, we are forced to attain or “buy” vital resources that will sustain our health. Resources including the most valuable components to the human body, H2O and nutrients.


Photo by Pactovisual 


The term “forced” opens the doors to food industries to raise prices in effort to increase their profit. They understand how valuable their products are to the public. The fact that they produce a “necessity” that decides if a human body will either die young or from old age. This strengthens the power of manufactuers over all consumers since “they can price it high and you’ll still buy it.” Therefore giving them a control over your life.



Picture by KasunChrama

This diversity between the people who can and can’t afford resources crucial to their health and well-being sets the mindset of “controlling” humans. Limiting abilities to buy nourishments based on prices might break some consumer limits and create a diversity amound social classes. Since different social classes possess different statuses of wealth, the ability to buy a type of food or drink might become to expensive for the low or middle class but still attainable to the higher class.


Photo by mauriciokell

On the other hand, consumers have a unique control of these large industries. Since they are the base or “building blocks” of a company, they can decide to stop purchasing their products or boycott. Thankfully in the world today, they’re more then one company for food and drinks. Therefore finding another supplier is easily accessible. And for other high-priced buisnessses, they find themselves having no one to sell their products to. Placing these industries in a direction of bankruptcy.



Photo by Clker

With all theses processes in mind,  producers and consumers understand each other. Manufactuerers are to not price their products at an extent where starvation exist in revolutionized countries. This setting a balance of power