The Loss of Oneself

The experience of losing yourself on the inside correlates to the end of life of the soul.

Since the dawn of time, Human beings have been exposed to numerous emotions. Varying from being Joyous at an extent where tears fall down the cheeks to the remorseful feeling of sadness. However, in the society that we live and breath in today, exists an emotion so powerful that it became a mental illness.

This illness is known as depression and it has impacted individuals today in such a way that they tend to break down from the inside and loose the presence of life on the out. They’re life plummets downhill and their cerebrum forgets how to function properly.

A photo by Christopher Campbell.


When a person enters the emotional state of depression, the mind loses interests in everything and all signs of hope is lost. The corpse becomes unresponsive to it’s surroundings and closely replicates the life of the deceased. As if the soul has left the body and all thats left is death.

“Depression is a dark, inescapable place. It’s like being locked in a room with no light, windows or door. It’s so dark you can’t even see your hands in front of your face let alone find a way out.” – Kya Anajanee



During the state of depression, the body starts to become increasingly tired more often and remain asleep throughout most of the day. Exhausted to the point where the individual seems to be lifeless.  As if the presence of the life seems to vanish from the body.

From Ashes

After awhile, hunger becomes a problem.  The person loses their appetite and forgets to eat a meal or even a small snack during the entire day. Food consumption decreases to the extent where only bones are present and the appearance of the body takes form of a skeleton;  resembling the dead found in graves.


The human eye starts to lose focus and vision slowly vanishes. Blind to the world around and not able to live on their own. The only image present to their mind is the vivid picture of darkness.