Raised in the Land of God

The sun sets, the sun rises, the night begins, the day revives. Day in, day out, we continuously live a life based on a human invention, the 24-hour clock. Earth spins on its axis while around the planet, humans go to work or school. They follow very distinct traditions based on their histories or beliefs. Though … More Raised in the Land of God

Under control

Over the course of history, our planet as we know it, has evolved under the control of human power. We have strived to revolutionize our world by working countless hours in many different areas of interest. The outcome of our efforts not only has helped the “great good” but also ourselves. In most revolutionaized countries, … More Under control


Over the course of August to now, a novel by the name of “A dirty Job,” written by author Christopher Moore, was given as a reading assignment at school. The novel shares the story of a man named Charlie Asher, who is hired by darkness, to collect souls from the dying, only to place it in … More Perspective

The Loss of Oneself

The experience of losing yourself on the inside correlates to the end of life of the soul. Since the dawn of time, Human beings have been exposed to numerous emotions. Varying from being Joyous at an extent where tears fall down the cheeks to the remorseful feeling of sadness. However, in the society that we live and breath in today, exists … More The Loss of Oneself